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IntraMicron, Inc. is an engineering technology development and manufacturing company that services the aerospace, chemicals, defense, and energy sectors. IntraMicron manufactures micron-diameter metal fiber and nonwoven micrfibrous media and integrates those products into technologies that provide novel solutions for synthetic fuel production, power system thermal management, fine chemical manufacturing, filtration, catalysis, and more.



Chemical Engineering Co-Op

August 2020 Auburn, AL
“Being a Co-Op Engineer at IntraMicron helped me to better understand what chemical engineers do in the industry and the ability to work on a variety of different projects helped me to see what my future as a chemical engineer could potentially look like.”

Chemical Engineering Co-op

May 2020 - August 2020 Auburn, AL
“The opportunities that IntraMicron provides reach into multiple industry sectors, so there are numerous different projects available to work on. Also, it was so nice to feel as though my contributions were valuable and to work as a team.”
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