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About Omaha Public Schools

Omaha Public Schools: where every child is known, loved, and inspired!

As a large urban public school district, our mission is to prepare all students to excel in college, career and life. Our programs are just as diverse as the students we serve. Our district consists of 63 elementary schools, 12 middle schools, 7 high schools, 1 virtual school, and 13 alternative programs.

We enroll 50,000 students from various ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. We serve more than 18,000 English Language Learners. Our student population speaks 120 different languages. We meet all students where they are. We work with our gifted and talented students by providing a wide array of enrichment programs. Students have opportunities for advanced studies in essentially every subject area, including all core curriculum, music, art and physical education.Students across all grade levels have optimal educational opportunities.

Omaha families value education and expect a great deal from their children and their schools. Our test scores exceed the national average for large school districts. Students have consistently improved test scores on their Nebraska State Assessment (NeSA) tests throughout the past six years.

Omaha Public Schools is the third largest employer in the state, with more than 8,000 full-time employees who are involved in the daily operation of our schools. Our teaching staff has an average of 10 years experience and nearly 65 percent hold advanced degrees.


Omaha Public Schools Summer Internship

May 2022 - July 2022 Omaha, NE
“I liked how diverse and laid-back the staff was since they understood it was my first job. ”

Student Teacher

August 2020 - December 2020 Omaha, NE
“I liked the community that I was placed in and the students in the school. Great school culture, I really felt at home working here. ”
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