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What "must know" tips should I be aware of heading into an interview for a special education teacher job with Chicago Public Schools?

Know where you're interviewing! Research the specific school: core values, curricula, administrators, anything else on the website. What role are you interviewing for? How does your experience relate to this? Why _____________school? Be ready to talk about the school you're interviewing at, not ...
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Anybody willing to provide insight into the daily life of a special education teacher within Chicago Public Schools?

Teach 4-6 classes, depending on type of schedule(can be co-taught or self-contained) prep period lunch break collaborate (planning meeting) with co-teacher(s) either before/after school or during prep period IEP meetings throughout the week (each school has its own routines/procedures for these)...
Day in the Life Education Teacher Special Education Chicago Public Schools
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How much work-life balance should I expect to have as a Paraprofessional at Chicago Public Schools?

You will never have to do anything outside of work. Summers always off and holidays off. Also, as soon as you clock out, you have the whole afternoon to yourself.
Work-Life Balance Paraprofessional Chicago Public Schools
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